Classes for Teens Ages 13-18
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Hip Hop  -  Age 10-18                                                    Monday- 6:45-7:30

 Is a popular energetic dance form. This is a great introduction to movement for all level dance students. Students develop focus, coordination and agility without suggestive music or movements. 

Required Shoes- Black Jazz Shoes or Dance Sneakers.

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Advanced Ballet 1Ages 13-18                                                 Monday 6:00-7:30
                                                                                                                  Wednesday 7:30-9:00

Advanced Ballet 2 - Ages 15-18                                           Monday 7:30-9:00
                                                                                                                  Tuesday 7:30-9:00

CPAC offers a very strong ballet program using the best elements of all three accepted schools of Ballet. All Dance forms and styles have their basics in Ballet. Children are taught the fundamentals and language of Ballet in an atmosphere of warmth and discipline. Advanced student training is continued, emphasizing correct placement, batterie, and technique

Required Shoes: Girls - Pink Ballet Slippers 
 Boys - Black Ballet Shoes.

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Pointe - Pointe work begins after the age of 10 ONLY with directors permission. Children must take Ballet Class two days a week at CPAC for one year before being eligible for Pointe. Once on pointe students must continue Ballet Classes at CPAC two days a week.
Acting for Teens - Ages 7-12                                            Sorry. Not offered this year

​A power acting class for teenagers highlighting improvisation, technique, acting exercises, monologue 
and scene study.

There is a performance at the end of each 15 week session.

Dress Code  
Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement. Pink or Black Ballet Slippers or Jazz Shoes. NO Street Shoes. NO Flip-Flops. NO Open Toed Sandals.
Musical Theater -Ages 7-18                                         Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 

Children and Teens learn songs from Broadway shows. Classes are individually focused and help each student improve self confidence and vocal skills as they sing solo and ensemble pieces. Accompanist is provided. 

There is a performance at the end of each 15 week session.

Dress Code  
Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement. Pink or Black Ballet Slippers or Jazz Shoes. NO Street Shoes. NO Flip-Flops. NO Open Toed Sandals. 

Dance Competition Team - Ages 7-18              Tuesday 5:45-6:45

One of the best benefits of the kids participating in competition is the attention that they learn to give to detail and technique as well as learning how important it is to connect their movements to music. 

ALL CPAC students enrolled in at least one classes are Eligible to Join! No Audition Required.
Must be available for 2 competition weekends. 

Acting Classes for Children Ages 13-18
Lyrical Dance

Lyrical 2  -  Ages 11-13                                                  Thursday - 5:15-6:00
Teen Lyrical (Lyrical 3)  - Ages 13-15                            Wednesday 6:00-6:45

A very popular form of dance often seen on TV! Lyrical is a fun filled dance form put to popular music. It is a fusion of ballet and jazz with expressive motions that tell a story. Encourages creative thinking and self-expression. Lyrical is a MUST KNOW in today's world and to be a well-rounded dancer. 

 Required Shoes - Nude colored Half Sole or Sole Shield. Turning Shoes only allowed in Lyrical 3 and by Teacher and Directors permission.

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Teen Tap (Advanced Tap 1) -Ages 13-18                    Monday 7:30-8:30
Advanced Tap 2 - Ages 15-18                                            Tuesday 6:45-7:30

Is a fun, exciting class and a fantastic way to improve rhythm and coordination. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, clear sound and coordination of movement. As students progress through each class level they learn increasingly more complex and intricate footwork, syncopation and musicality. 

Required Shoes - Black Tap Shoes either Stiff Sole or Flexible Sole.

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Teen Jazz (Advanced Jazz)  - Ages 13-18        Wednesday 6:45-7:30

These upbeat classes emphasize basic jazz technique, flexibility and rhythm Jazz a is a great introduction to movement and fun for all ages. As students progress, emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. 

Required Shoes - Black Slip On or Laced Jazz Shoes

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Dance Tricks and Turns Ages 10 -18         Sorry. Not offered this year

Is a special power packed class designed to improve students strength in all forms of dance. Flexibility, fouettés turns, double pirouettes, leaps, and multiple jumps are taught in an exciting upbeat environment. 

Required Shoes - TBD

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Contemporary Ballet - Ages 13-18                              Thursday 7:00-8:00

Contemporary Ballet is an electrifying class for the advanced dancer with established technique. A vital dance form in today's world, dancers are encouraged to think. Contemporary Ballet explore movements beyond that of classic ballet.

Required Shoes - Pink Ballet Slippers AND Pointe Shoes.

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Modern  Age 13-18                                                                                      Thursday 8:00-9:00

Students explore their individual expressive dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet classes. Fundamentals of modern technique are taught to enhance flexibility, creativity and artistry.

 Required Shoes- Nude colored Half Sole or Sole Shield. Turning Shoes only allowed by Teacher and Director Permission.

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Beginning Ballet for Teens
Teen Ballet-Ages 13-18                                                  Wednesday 6:30-7:30

An introductory class for teens to the world of Ballet. A wonderful class for teens who want to brush up on their ballet technique or for those who never took ballet. 

Required Shoes : Girls- Pink Ballet Shoes
Boys - Black Ballet Shoes

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