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History All Ballet Dancers Should Know

Knowing your ballet history is important because it tells us how the art we all loved developed. If you want to write the future of dance then you better know its past.
Why did ballet begin?

SEARCH IN GOOGLE – a short history of ballet Australian ballet
What the is Romantic Ballet Style?

WIKIPEDIA SEARCH – Romantic Ballet
La Sylphide was the first ballet of the Romantic ballet era...what was the movement style you noticed most?

YOUTUBE SEARCH – La Sylphide Ballet
GO TO 0:59:00 watch at least until 1:06:00
How many classical ballets have you seen?

GOOGLE SEARCH - 10 classical ballets any dancer should know
To learn more about each ballet read the synopsis

La Bayadere
Don Quixote 
The Nutcracker 
Romeo and Juliet 
Sleeping Beauty 
Swan Lake
La Sylphide
A major element of Romantic ballet was a fascination with the supernatural and good vs evil. Ballerinas danced in a style more fluid and ethereal than 18th-century dancers and were especially prized for their ballon (ability to jump)as they tried to create the illusion of flight.

The first ballerina to dance on pointe was Marie Tagliani. 
How did dancers dance on pointe before the pointe shoe was invented?

GOOGLE SEARCH - the pointe shoe a history cooperative
How were the earliest pointe shoes made? 
Would you be able to dance on pointe?

GOOGLE SEARCH pointe shoe evolution gaynor minden
Why was Marie Taglioni called “ the little humpback”?

GOOGLE SEARCH balletclassroom Marie Taglioni
Why is the ballet Pas de Quarte important to know?

Each Famous Ballerina in Pas de Quarte had her own special talent – 

Lucile Grahn was know for her intricate footwork

Carlotta Grisi was known for her versatility she had jumps, technical virtuosity and an exuberant ballerina.

Fanny Cerrito was know for brilliance, strength, and vivacity of her dancing. Marie Taglioni is famous for her strength and delicate poses, portabra and her weightless technique.

Marie Taglioni is famous for her strength and delicate poses, portabra and her weightless technique.
Can you tell which ballerina is which in the famous ballet Pas de Quarte?

YOUTUBE SEARCH - Pas de Quatre jhr films
Anna Pavlova was famous for dancing the Dying Swan she was so connected to the role her last words before dying were “Get my Swan costume ready.”

Here is Maya Plisetskaya dancing the same role more then 40 years later - 
What surprised you most about the two different performances?
What is the most surprising thing when you look at Anna Pavlova’s Pointe Shoes?

  GOOGLE SEARCH - anna pavlova pointe shoes museum in Moscow
Agrippia Vagonva was a famous ballerina who devised her own method of classical ballet training, fusing elements of French, Italian. Vaganova emphasized dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs, and torso. She trained many famous ballerina.
What is one of the most amazing things you notice in Vaganova Technique? 

YOUTUBE SEARCH agrippina vaganova dancing
GO TO – 11:17 WATCH TILL 12:21. 
GO TO – 15:54 WATCH TILL 16:40. 
GO TO - 30:00 WATCH TILL 30:55.
The skirt that became known as the romantic tutu made its first appearance in 1832 at the Paris Opera, where Marie Taglioni wore a gauzy white skirt cut to reveal her ankles in La Sylphide.
What style of tutu do you like the most?

GOOGLE SEARCH - The History Of The Ballet Tutu Renee Nicole
Interested in seeing more tutus?

PINTEREST SEARCH professional classical tutu
Fanny Cerrito
Marie Taglioni
Carlotta Grisi
Lucile Grahn
Here is Anna Pavlova dancing the Dying Swan a role she created - 
Answer the questions below - to learn the answer click on the link below the question. Have Fun!
Keep your skills up - Practice your ballet skills with us!
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Some of Mrs. Ryan's Favorite Youtube dance videos!
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Anna Pavlova - Californian Poppy, 1916. Colorized
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