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Regular class attendance is required. Attendance is important in order to receive the best dance education. Constant Absences are unfair to your classmates. 

Absenteeism prevents a dancer and their class from performing at their highest level. Please contact the office when a class will be missed. 
CPAC PHONE - 412-279-8887
*Dance-wear is not appropriate attire for the street. All students must wear street clothing over leotards and tights. This includes young children.

*Any shoes worn in the dance studio many NOT be worn outside. This includes All Dance, Drama and Hip Hop Shoes or Sneakers. Student may only wear Clean or New Dance Sneakers on our special dance studio floors. 

*A Note about All Hair - Please Do Not expect your child’s teacher to put your child’s hair up in a bun or ponytail each week. Valuable class time is wasted when the Teacher must fix hair and buns. Students are expected to bring their own hair supplies.

Dress Code for Boys 

Plain White T-Shirt. Black Jazz Pants or Black Shorts. White or Black Socks. 
Long Hair must be pulled back out of Face. 

Girls Dress Code Ballet

Ballet Girls with Long Hair - MUST be secured in a bun or braids that go into a bun. All loose pieces of hair must be pinned out of face. A Hair elastic wrapped around a pony tail is NOT a proper bun. You must use hair pins and a Hair Net. YouTube has many Examples. 

Ballet Girls with Short Hair - MUST be secured out of face with bobby pins/hair clips

Ballet Leotards Age 2-6 - Light Pink or Black Leotard. Any Style.  
Ballet Leotards Ages 7-UP - Black Leotard ONLY.  Either Camisole/ Short Sleeve/ 3/4 Length Sleeve/ Long Sleeve Leotards.
Ballet Tights - Pink Tights. (NO TAN TIGHTS) NO T- Shirts, Shorts, or Pants. Ballet Sweaters and Skirts may be worn. 

Advanced Ballet 2 ONLY- Any Style and Color Leotard. Use good judgement. Your chest, stomach midriff area must be covered. Midriffs covered by only translucent, Lace or Nude fabric are NOT permitted. Tights may be Black or Pink. 

Girls Dress Code Tap, Jazz, Tricks and Turns, Modern, Lyrical

Hair - MUST be pinned out of face secured in a a ponytail or tight braids.
Leotards - Age 2-6 - Light Pink or Black Leotard. Any Style. NO T-Shirts. 
Leotards Ages 7-UP- Black Leotard ONLY. NO T-Shirts NO Sweatshirts.
Tights/Pants - Pink or Tan Tights. Convertible Tights Required for Modern and Lyrical 1, 2, 3 
(NOT CHILDREN'S LYRICAL ) - Black Bike, Boy Shorts, Ballet Skirt or Jazz pants may be worn. Shorts and pants must be skin tight.

Girls Dress Code Pre-Dance and Pre-Tap 

Hair - MUST be pinned out of face secured in a a ponytail or tight braids.
Leotard - Age 2-6 - Light Pink or Black Leotard. Any Style. NO T-Shirts.
Tights/Pants - Pink Tights.

Dress Code Music and Movement and All Hip Hop Classes
Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Leotard Recommended. Please No oversized baggy t-shirts or Jeans.

Dress Code Drama, Musical Theater, Acting for Teens
Wear comfortable clothing that allows movement. Pink or Black Ballet Slippers or Jazz Shoes. NO Street Shoes. NO Flip-Flops. NO Open Toed Sandals.